Research proposals, supported by GU RAC-S should be in the areas of some relevance to the space programme. All research proposals are expectd to belong to any one or more of the areas given below.

Subject Areas (under GU RAC-S)

Launch Vehicle

  1. Aerospace Engineering

  2. Propulsion

  3. Propellants, Polymers & Chemicals

  4. Materials & Metallurgy

  5. Transducers and Sensors

  6. Mechanical Design & Analysis

  7. Control, Guidance & Simulation

  8. Composites, Launch Vehicle Structures

  9. Avionics

  10. Advanced Inertial Systems

  11. Launch Vehicle Tracking System, Range Operation and Safety Engineering

  12. Testing of Liquid Propulsion Systems

  13. Rocket systems including Human Space Probes

  14. Electronics and Measurement for Testing Rocket Systems

  15. Management

Space Sciences

  1. Space, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

  2. Atmospheric Dynamics and Coupling

  3. Sun and Solar System

  4. Astronomy and Astrophysics

  5. Space Instrumentation

  6. Remote Sensing Data Analysis from Planetary Exploration Missions

  7. Laboratory Study of Astromaterials

  8. Study of Terrestrial Analogues of Moon and Mars

  9. Payloads for Upcoming Planetary Missions

  10. Earth System Science Studies

  11. Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

  12. Emerging Areas in Theoretical Physics

Satellite Communication

  1. SATCOM & Navigation Payload

  2. SATCOM and SATNAV Applications and Associated Technologies

  3. Antenna Systems

  4. Electro-Optical Sensor Technology

  5. Microwave Sensor Technology

  6. Electronics and Microelectronics Design, Fabrication and Testing Technologies

  7. Mechanical Engineering Systems

  8. Systems Reliability

  9. Mission Development

  10. Communication & Power

  11. Integration & Checkout

  12. Controls and Digital

  13. Reliability and Components

  14. Production of Spacecraft Systems

  15. VLSI Design

  16. Process Technology

  17. Compound Semiconductor Technology

  18. MEMS Design & Process Technology

  19. IC Package Design & Development

  20. Human Spaceflight Programme


  1. Weather and Climate

  2. Space Physics

  3. Signal & Data Processing

  4. Radar and Lidar Instrumentation for Atmospheric Probing

Earth Obervations

  1. Remote Sensing, Signal and Image Processing and Software Development

  2. Mission Development and Remote Sensing-Sensor Technology

  3. Remote Sensing Applications in Geosciences

  4. Microwave Remote Sensing Applications in Agriculture, Soil Moisture, Forestry & Wetland Ecosystem

  5. Information Extraction and Geospatial Modelling

  6. Satellite Data Reception and Ground Station

  7. Earth, Ocean, Atmosphere, Planetary Sciences and Applications

  8. Water Resources Studies

  9. Geoinformatics

  10. Aerial Remote Sensing

  11. Earth and Climate Sciences

  12. Disaster Management

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Some Specific Research Areas

Specific research areas, where projects can be submitted